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Inside the Mind of Melbourne Interior Design

What are the factors of outstanding interior design? Have you ever wished that you could size up a picture with the mind of an interior designer? Seeing a room from the prospective of a professional can help you identify elements that work and style principles that stretch across the boundaries of rooms and time.

In this article, we’ll take an inside look at a pair of stylish living rooms. For each scenario, we’ll give you the challenge, the solution, and the inside scoop from our Melbourne interior design team.

Europa House

European designed house; Melbourne interior design, MGSD

The Challenge:

Create a bright, easy-going space with a nod to traditional interior design and European style – without the style becoming stuck in neutral.

The Solution:

The focus for this space is an open living room with plenty of seating for socializing and entertaining. A cozy two-seater sofa anchors the space, flanked by a classic stuffed chair in matching upholstery. The symmetry and balance of the room is emphasized by a pair of matching end tables, with matching lamps. A rug in the same versatile cream adds warmth to the room, while its subtle pattern keeps it from becoming too flashy. A stylish dining set with sharply sculptured dining chairs completes the room. The piece-de-resistance in this room is the fanciful ceiling fan with gold-sculptured leaves. Perfect for Florida’s tropical fauna but classic enough to blend into a room high on Euro style.

Melbourne Interior Design Takeaways:

Everyone wants a look that lasts, but we love the fact that the coffee table in this room takes a risk with exaggerated legs and a mosaic tile top that harkens to Italian renaissance mosaics. Similarly, the dining chairs give the otherwise simple set a dramatic flair that doesn’t overpower the traditional nature of the room. Combined with the soft cream color palette and classic draperies, the room strikes the right note – European style with fun flair.

Beachside Bungalow

Bright open living room, Melbourne interior design, MGSD

The Challenge:

Transform the living space of this beachside bungalow into a room that is cozy and comfortable, without taking the seaside theme to extremes. It can be easy to ride the waves of a seaside theme way past the break, but the goal is to keep this look in the safe zone.

The Solution:

A blue hue is hard to ignore for ultimate beach house vibes, but the look is balanced by the crisp white built-ins and paneled ceiling. The built-ins surround a textured mock fireplace that creates a focal point for the room. While the room is unmistakably beachy, the contrast between water and fire is hard to miss. The fireplace with decorative pillar candles is a practical compromise for climates where the outside temperatures aren’t likely to require a roaring fire.

We especially love the abundance of natural light flooding the room with windows flanking both sides of the living room, and the natural greenery outside keeps this beachy room from setting sail.

Melbourne Interior Design Takeaways:

A theme for your home might be inspired by your hobbies, passions, the natural surroundings, or anything else—and we applaud this type of organic start to your home’s interior design. But for any look you love, keep it anchored with elements of good style for a space that is practical and timeless.

In our example, the room carries a beachy vibe through its color palette, laidback style, and beadboard ceiling. But it doesn’t scream ‘seaside’ with every object on the shelves of the built-ins or artwork that competes with the natural beauty and greenery outside.

When designing your own beachside beauty in Melbourne or beyond, keep the look balanced with the right selections in finishes, furnishings, and accent pieces. Aim to incorporate your theme in one or two of these elements but use the others to keep your look anchored and in check.

Make it Your Own in Melbourne

Looking to solve your own interior design challenges? Michael Gainey Signature Designs can help. With experience in everything from traditional European design to seaside escapes, we have the solutions for your space.

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