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Black is Back and Other Trends Spotted at High Point Market 2021

High Point Market is the premier furnishings trade show in the United States. The spring event always showcases fresh, exciting trends that blossom into must-have looks of the season. We’re excited to share with you three of the top trends in interior design that were on full display during the recent spring market event. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or innovation, these three trends are a great springboard for your own home. 

Three Interior Design Trends to Know from High Point Spring Market 2021

1. Black is back: While the tide of design has definitely been favoring the natural world with earthy neutrals and jewel-tones borrowed from flora and fauna, black is making a major comeback. The classic appeal of furnishings and décor in a stately black hue cannot be denied for long. 

At Spring Market, the color black was prominently featured in art and decor and was a popular choice for the upholstery or finish on furnishings. Frequently seen as an accent or in combination with wooden materials, this look was not one to be missed.

Feature wall with console table and wall accents; Interior design trends 2021; MGSD

Why You Should Embrace the Trend: This trend adds drama to a room and has real staying power. Other colors come and go, but classic black never becomes too tired. 

How to Use the Look: Balance this bold look with natural materials. Doing so combines two of the most prominent interior design trends of the moment in a way that will ensure long-lasting appeal for your home. 

2. All About Art Deco: Move over, mid-century modern–art deco is the new design choice d’jour. This curvy style has an inviting aesthetic that makes it a natural fit for the new normal, where we spend more time at home. 

Mixed media, a popular aspect of the art deco trend, is also rising in popularity and adding visual interest to art and furnishings, such as tables, consoles, and more. 

Why You Should Embrace the Trend: Comfortable yet stylish surroundings are important, and art deco delivers both. In addition, the variety introduced with mixed media pieces provides visual interest that creates a welcome diversion in familiar surroundings.

How to Use the Look: Choose furnishings in classic finishes and colors that will stand the test of time. The curvy look can quickly become dated when paired with loud colors. By choosing a timeless color palette, you can extend the look of these pieces well into the future. 

Curved sofa with beige upholstery; Interior design trends 2021; MGSD
Vesta Maxine sofa; Chairish

3. Artisan Sourcing: It’s no secret that supply chains have been tested by the recent events of COVID-19, but that’s not the real reason to embrace artisan sourcing. Instead, the rise of maker culture and artisan goods has opened the door to individuality in design. While working with an interior designer has always been one way to ensure that your home is unique, choosing handcrafted pieces adds character to your home. 

Why You Should Embrace the Trend: Attention to detail and individuality are highlights of artisan-made furnishings and decor. These characteristics can’t be bought in a store, plus custom-made pieces give you the option to tailor the look to suit your home. 

How to Use the Look: Use artisan or custom pieces as a focal point for your room. Whether it’s a custom-crafted dining table or a commissioned sculpture, these pieces can tell a story that makes your room come alive. 

Custom pieces are also an excellent option when you have a specific vision but can’t find a ready-made piece that fits your preferences or space. Choose the size, finishes, and color palette that suits your style and makes your home stand out from the rest.  

On Trend or Off Pace?
If you find that your home is falling behind when it comes to the latest interior design trends, you can get back in the game. The fact is that interior design trends come and go regularly. The key is to find current looks with classic roots that will give your home timeless appeal.

At Michael Gainey Signature Designs, our design team can help create a space that feels current but also appeals to your taste. Make an appointment with us today or stop into our showroom, Jambalaya to see how you can use these top trends from High Point Spring Market to transform your own home. 

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