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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Sofa: Part One

The pinnacle of every inviting living room or sitting room is comfortable, stylish (and even nap-worthy) seating. These spaces are centered around relaxation, unwinding, and relaxing with your family and friends. When you think of comfortable seating, terms like “couch”, “sofa”, and “loveseat” come to mind. But what exactly do these terms mean? What’s [...]

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Three R’s for Stylish Interior Decorating

You’re likely familiar with the three R’s of education: reading, writing, and arithmetic. The subjects are considered the basic foundation for knowledge. Similarly, interior decorating has three R’s as well: rhythm, repetition, and rhetoric.  These three fundamental skills combine to give your room a foundation of good style. They’re universal no [...]

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Interior Design Style Profile: Mediterranean

Airy spaces, natural colors, and outdoor-indoor living—these aspects are key to Mediterranean interior design. But what exactly does this broad term encompass? Technically, the term “Mediterranean” can include a wide range of areas from Greece to Italy to Morocco and Turkey. There is much more involved in Mediterranean interior design than the blue and [...]

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