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Don’t Accumulate – Decorate!

Imagine that you are on a mission to redecorate, restyle, or reinvent your home here in Brevard. Where do you begin? For some, the answer is to consult the myriads of style sites and interior design blogs available on the Internet. Others take to the nearest home furnishings store and find themselves knee deep in shopping bags, scheduling furniture deliveries, and with a fistful of fabric swatches and paint swatches.

Those who value their time, sanity, and money have found a third route to decorating success – hiring an interior designer in Brevard. While the Internet is a brilliant place for inspiration and has put the purchase of many acquisitions within your fingertips, it can also be a recipe for disaster. Without a clear design plan and an overall vision of what your home’s interior design scheme should be, you run the risk of just accumulating THINGS. Things that don’t contribute to your Brevard home’s style, things that don’t fit with your other pieces, and things that you will later come to regret.

Don’t Accumulate – Decorate! - MGSD

To illustrate the importance of first establishing your home’s guiding style, consider the LBD…the Little Black Dress. If you’re invited to a soiree for which the occasion demands a new LBD, how do you approach the hunt? Do you run to the store and purchase earrings, a necklace, other jewelry, a clutch, and shoes – without first finding the dress that is “The One?” Of course not! The neckline, dress length, fabric, and overall style will be the determining factors of what accessories best complement your LBD. Only after first establishing your guiding style principles do you begin to accessorize.

Similarly, when you are ready to freshen up your interior style in Brevard, don’t just start accumulating parts and pieces – the “accessories” of your home. First, establish your interior design style and the key pieces you wish to incorporate, or need to purchase. An interior designer can help you to develop this vision by listening to your ideas, goals, and dreams for your space. Then, using this framework, we will work together to identify the furnishings and acquisitions that will support this vision, instead of hindering it.

Ask yourself if it is more expensive to hire an interior designer and get the look right the first time, or to invest a large sum of money and untold frustration on a mad hunt to redecorate your home – resulting in a hodgepodge of things you liked “here and there.”
Often, we find ourselves being called in after a client has experienced an interior design mishap. Though the client thought they knew what they wanted, they have found themselves hopelessly tangled in a messy web of mismatched or non-practical parts and pieces. In other words, they accumulated – not decorated.

At Michael Gainey Signature Designs in Cocoa, we love helping our clients get it right the first time – on time and on budget. Give us a call today and let us help you create a look that you’ll be as proud of as you are that LBD!

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