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Interior Design News: 2022 Colors of the Year

The Colors of the Year are always a highly anticipated announcement in the interior design world. The selected colors not only provide a fresh dose of inspiration, but embody the feelings, intentions, and hopes of the new year ahead. 

These past two years have been quite unique, and many are moving into the next year with feelings of hope and an urge to channel rejuvenating, calming lifestyles more in line with the planet. The 2022 selected Colors of the Year echo these same sentiments in a powerful way, and almost all the major paint brands have settled on the same color: green. 

Green is known for being both calming and rejuvenating, encouraging a refreshing comfort as well as a feeling of a fresh start and regrowth. The Colors of the Year give a strong nod to the palettes of nature, bringing the calm, centered, sturdiness of nature itself into our everyday lives. Let’s look at some of the hues chosen as the 2022 Colors of the Year. 

2022 Colors of the Year

Color: October Mist, Photo by Benjamin Moore

October Mist by Benjamin Moore: A sterling example of the calming yet rejuvenating effects of a nature-inspired green, October Mist by Benjamin Moore can be used pretty much anywhere in the home. Benjamin Moore describes this as a “gently shaded sage” that reflects the “silver-green stem of a flower”. Inspiring thoughtful creativity and new growth, this color is perfect for the calming, thoughtful attitude of the coming year. Benjamin Moore has also selected 14 other nature-inspired colors to complement the chosen color of the year, including Natural Linen, Wild Flower, and Gloucester Sage. 

Evergreen Fog by Sherman Williams: On a similar line as Benjamin Moore, Sherman Williams has named the subtle green-gray of Evergreen Fog as the Color of the Year. This sophisticated, dusty, woodland hue pairs wonderfully with warm, natural neutrals such as leather, rattan, wicker, or linen.  

Breezeway by Behr: Breezeway by Behr encompasses the calming hue of green and the cheerful, comforting tone of soft blue, combining the two into a color similar to the refreshing tones of sea glass. This calming yet cheerful color brings a sense of hope and adventure to a space. It is a perfect hue for capturing a cool, fresh feeling while still keeping a space calm and serene.  

Photos: Behr

Valspar’s Nature-Inspired Palette: Valspar has rounded up an entire palette to call the Colors of the Year. Once again, the calming hues of the natural world dominate the color choices, giving this palette an earthy, calming vibe. Dusty pastels, such as Sunset Curtains, Lilac Lane, and Delightful Moon, add subtle pops of color while keeping the overall feeling calming and comforting. Blanched Thyme sits at the top of the list with another dusty, calming green color. And rich, deep tones such as Mountain River and Fired Earth add warmth and centeredness to the lineup. 

Olive Sprig, Photo: PPG

Olive Sprig by PPG: Another serene yet sophisticated green, Olive Sprig by PPG is described as being reminiscent of a “soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant”. This organic, neutral tone is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. It pairs wonderfully with brass, wood, or other neutral, warm materials.  

Guacamole, Photo: Glidden

Guacamole by Glidden: Glidden has also chosen a green hue as the color of the year. However, this pick stands out from the rest by adding a pop of zingy vibrancy. Guacamole delivers a refreshing, cheerful, lively energy while still keeping things calm and grounded. It pairs well with linen, wood, and other organic tones.         

Green dreams for the year ahead? 

Incorporating the color of the year into your home is an easy, exciting way to start the coming new year with a fresh look and new perspective. The earthy, nature-inspired tones chosen for 2022 are perfect for capturing the hopeful, calm, creative spirit that is arising as we work towards a fresh start in the year to come and a new way of living. Whether you add these colors in with small accents or decide to use it as a color scheme for your home, these hues offer an abundance of inspiration. 

If you are a bit unsure how you can incorporate these calming colors into your space, consider hiring an interior designer. Our design team at MGSD can offer insight and guidance to create the perfect, nature-inspired space.  

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