Make a Smart Investment – Consider the ROI of Interior Design, Part I

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Make a Smart Investment – Consider the ROI of Interior Design, Part I

You may hear a lot about making smart investments in stocks, real estate, and other wealth management growth strategies – but what about making a smart investment in your home? Interior design offers a high ROI, in more ways than one.

Interior Design ROI: Longevity

Changing your home’s feel and appearance can be a major undertaking. Unlike shopping for a spring wardrobe, updating your home’s style can involve both minor and major projects – like fresh paint, new furnishings, updated window treatments and more.

While there’s an investment of time, money, and energy, the longevity of interior design done right is a worthwhile pay-off. Instead of needing to be re-visited every 6 months, your home will have style that lasts. With an expert eye for wall coverings, art and furnishing selections, and placement, your home will have style power that sticks around despite the shifting of seasons and trends.

Interior Design ROI: Livability

Have you ever seen a model or mannequin wearing the ‘It Item’ of the moment and thought it would be a great fit for you too? No matter how much you love it, sometimes it’s just not the right look on you. You can try to squeeze, stretch and shimmy – but it just isn’t going to work.

It’s easy to do the same thing with our home. We see an idea on Pinterest, Houzz, or in the latest issue of a home decorating magazine and think that we can squeeze, stretch, or shimmy our contemporary look into mid-century modern. Sometimes it just doesn’t work in our space.

Professional interior design can help you size up your space and set realistic goals that will result in a house that lives as good as it looks. Livability is key to enjoying your house. Interior design without livability is just a look. Instead, your home should be a comfortable and stylish experience.

Michael Gainey Signature Designs – Your Partner for Stylish Home Investments

Michael Gainey Signature Designs may be a Melbourne, FL interior design studio – but we’re also you’re partners in stylish home investments. If your home is ready for a re-do, cash in big with professional interior design services that will maximize longevity and livability.

We’ll create a strategy and implement a plan to make sure you see the ROI of your interior design today and for years to come. But there’s even more benefit to our services, as you’ll see in Part II of this blog series, ‘Make a Smart Investment – Consider the ROI of Interior Design.’

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