Make a Smart Investment – Consider the ROI of Interior Design, Part II

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Make a Smart Investment – Consider the ROI of Interior Design, Part II

As discussed in Part I of this article, investing in your home’s interior design is a smart choice that pays off in a big way. We’ve already considered how interior design services can boost the longevity of your home’s look and also how it improves the livability.

Dive deeper into interior design benefits with a look at the functionality and appeal that interior design offers for your home.

Interior Design ROI: Functionality

Sometimes when shopping, we spot an item that is beautiful, stylish, and in our size – but it just isn’t functional. You might try the item on, strike a pose in front of the fitting room mirror, then begrudgingly hang it back up because you just don’t have a need for that piece in your wardrobe.

Sad but true, that can be true when it comes to interior design. There’s no shortage of beautiful pieces and creative color palettes, but not everything is going to be a functional fit for your home.

An interior designer can help you understand the way that style elements work together and identify the pieces your home needs to be as functional as possible. Of course it’ll still be stylish, but we put a practical twist on style with our professional interior design services. You’ll appreciate the way your house looks and feels when functionality is the focus of interior design.

If we had to guess, we’d bet that you’ve debated over paint chips more than once in your life or stressed over tile selections, flooring options, and fixture finishes. Behind the anxiety was a fear that the end product wouldn’t have the look you were hoping for.

Skip the stress and use an interior designer to help you make choices large and small with confidence. An outsider’s eye can help you put together an appealing look that matches your vision and leaves you feeling good about your home’s interior design.

Increasing your home’s style appeal will up your personal satisfaction, wow your guests, and maybe even increase buyer appeal if you plan to resell your residence in the future. A well put-together and thought-out interior design can be the difference in a house that sits in the listings and one that moves toward a quick close.

Are you Ready to Invest in Your Home with Interior Design?

After considering just four ways that interior design provides an ROI that’s too good to pass up, are you ready to go all-in on your home’s design? If so, Michael Gainey and the team are here to help.

Whether you’re looking to make a change in one room or the whole house, we can design your home’s interior in a way that adds instant appeal, increases the livability and functionality, and is a long-term strategy for style success.

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