The River House




On a small barrier island known as Melbourne Beach, Michael Gainey was introduced to the circa 1914 home as dusk was descending. The home was in a state of total disarray with its dated wallpaper, hardwood flooring lackluster from years of neglect and mouldings that had been stripped away by the previous owners. For Gainey it was love at first sight….

Soon the forlorn river front home began to take shape as all the mouldings were reinstalled and the layers of wax were removed to reveal gleaming Merritt Island Pine floors. Once the wallpaper was removed Michael choose a soft shade of custard paint to bathe the walls with. “I always envisioned the residence with an Afternoon Feel So for that very reason I filled my clients home with timeworn antiques, lovely English Chintzes and vintage art.”

The style evolved into unabashedly Traditional Eclectic. The homeowners wanted a vintage feel while still maintaining the freshness of today. Understanding this request Gainey realized that color was needed, so beautiful Claret Reds were used to enhance the rich woods and the sublime custard yellow of the walls. The piano became a showcase for the homeowner’s family photos and a newly acquired Tiffany style lamp.” I used lots of layers to acquire the happenstance effect the home was yielding.” Gainey remarked.” I always say to clients that we are merely caretakers of our property, and this home was a testament to that philsophy as it kept gently whispering what it needed next.

The project complete; the new homeowners now languish in their front yard on Adirondack chairs that face the river. Sipping mint juleps as the gentle breeze frolics about, it can truly be said it doesn’t get any better than this.

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