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Rug Rules for Living Rooms

The addition of an area rug can completely transform any room. These works of art offer a way to incorporate texture, warmth, style, and color into your space. The living room is a popular choice for adding an area rug, and rightly so! This comfortable room offers a place to relax and recharge, and the addition of an area rug only amplifies these feelings. 

But have you ever tried adding a rug to your living room only to have the space feel…off? Not to worry! Finding the perfect rug for your space doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Here we will outline how to find the perfect rug for your unique space by addressing its size, style, and functionality.   

3 Rug Sizing and Style Guidelines to Follow

1. Find the Goldilocks fit: The size of the area rug you choose can greatly influence the way it looks in a room. The mistake most often made when choosing an area rug is choosing the wrong size. A rug that is too small for your room can make it feel awkward and in the way, while a rug that is too big can overwhelm the space and make it feel cramped. But what can guide you when choosing a rug size? Wall sizes and furniture placement are key features to keep in mind. 

To use wall size as a guide for rug sizing, measure the smallest wall in the room and aim to select a rug that is 2 feet shorter in length than that measurement. When placing the rug in the room, be sure that the edges of it are 1 to 2 feet away from any wall. For furniture placement, be sure your rug is large enough to fit at least partially under all of the main furnishings in the room.  

Neutral living room with rug

2. Match your rug to your style: The array of area rugs available is huge, and there is a rug for every style out there. Because of this, area rugs are often designed with a specific interior design style in mind. 

Choosing a style that is complementary to your room is key. Not only are area rugs made for different styles, but they also demand attention in a room. So choosing a rug with a style  that matches your decor is important for a harmonious space. Even so, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with colors and patterns! An area rug is another piece of art that can add a whole new dimension to a space. Perhaps you are creating a Mediterranean vibe, in which case clean, simple, neutral rugs are perfect. But if you are dabbling in southwestern, bohemian, or other more color-oriented rooms, bold patterns may be just the thing to finish off the space.  

3. Functionality is just as important as looks: Let’s be honest: Life is messy sometimes, particularly in the most lived-in room! And if you have little ones or pets, the messes just got a whole lot bigger. But this doesn’t have to mean doom for your rug. 

Rugs come in a variety of materials and designs that improve their functionality and cleaning—some are even machine washable. By choosing easy-to-clean fibers, you can add a cozy area rug to your living room without fear of indestructible stains. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, or jute are great choices, along with some synthetic materials like polypropylene. For those with less foot traffic and lower chances of messes, spot-clean-only rugs made from more delicate materials are a luxurious option. Materials such as silk give an elegant appeal to a space but won’t hold up to traffic or stains as well.  

When it comes to functionality, the pile of your rug is another key factor to consider. Short pile rugs are easier to clean and tend to release stains or spills with greater ease. High pile rugs lend a lush, comfortable look, but are harder to clean up. The long fibers often cling to spills or stains, making cleanup a bit more of a hassle. Whatever your situation, keeping in mind the everyday wear and tear your rug will experience will help you choose an area rug perfectly suited for your unique space. 

Chic condo with rug

Don’t Let a Rug Put a Wrinkle In Your Design

By considering these key factors before bringing your rug home, you can eliminate the disappointment of an ill-fitting rug and find the perfect match for your home. With so many choices on the market, there is a rug built for every room. 

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