Sofa Buying Guide, Part 5: Everything to Know About Buying a Custom Sofa

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Sofa Buying Guide, Part 5: Everything to Know About Buying a Custom Sofa

When buying a sofa that works for you, your family, and your space, there is a lot to consider. From size and shape to color and style, the sofas available on the market today widely differ. As you shop around, you may notice that one sofa’s style is perfect, but its functionality just doesn’t flow with your home. Or perhaps the sofa is functional and stylish, but won’t fit in its intended space properly. Even with a plethora of options, it can be challenging to find a sofa that checks all the boxes.

Whatever the case may be, a custom sofa may offer the perfect solution to these all too common problems. In this edition of our sofa buying guide, you’ll dive deep into what custom sofas are all about and why you may want to consider ordering one for yourself. 

Why Consider a Custom Sofa? 

As mentioned, custom sofas can solve almost any problem that arises when shopping for the perfect sofa. Every feature can be chosen and changed by you, making the final outcome absolutely perfect for both you and your home. 

  1. Furnish Your Uniquely-Sized Space: Large spaces require large sofas, while small spaces need compact sofas. And sometimes, there are unique spaces with unconventional dimensions. Mass-produced sofas may not be big enough, small enough, or proportioned correctly to fit into any of these spaces. When these issues arise and the manufactured sofas just aren’t doing the job, a custom sofa can be designed to slide perfectly into any space, no matter the dimensions. All things are customizable, opening up almost any space as a lounging area. 
  2. Uphold Your Style with Custom Upholstery: Have you ever sat on a sofa, fell in love with its comfort, and then walked away because of its limited or unappealing upholstery options? With custom sofas, the options are endless and unappealing upholstery isn’t a problem. Whether you are looking for leather, fabric, suede, or animal print, custom sofas allow you to combine the upholstery option that matches your style with whatever sofa fits your needs. 
Living room furniture with upholstered sofa; Michael Gainey Signature designs custom sofa
  1. Create a Unique Focal Point: Another plus for a custom sofa is the ability to make your sofa stand out from the crowd. By being able to change almost every aspect of the sofa, a custom sofa allows the buyer to create a sofa that not only acts as a sitting area but as a focal point or conversation piece. A well-designed custom sofa can command attention in a room, creating a unique, eye-catching space centered around a one-of-a-kind piece you won’t find anywhere else.  
Living room with curvy blue sofa; Michael Gainey Signature designs custom sofa

How Long Does it Take to Order a Custom Sofa? 

Custom sofas, with their unique features and quality details, involve craftsmanship and time to produce. In order to enjoy the benefits of a custom sofa, patience is required. Some orders may take a few months, while others can reach up to 6 months or more, depending on the situation. We’re all well aware of the supply chain delays that have been affecting nearly every industry since COVID-19, and the furniture industry is no exception. Lead times on furnishings have increased dramatically, and this is especially true when ordering custom pieces. We do our best to communicate clear and reasonable expectations but production delays are to be expected so delivery estimates may need to be adjusted. 

While it’s true that you may not be able to bring home your custom sofa as quickly as a mass-produced sofa, the results are well worth the wait. From perfect dimensions, pleasing upholstery, and unique features, custom sofas offer the best of the best and are sure to be a piece that lasts a very long time. 

With so many custom options to choose from, a custom sofa can pull together a space like no mass-manufactured sofa can. But perhaps you are unsure whether leather, suede, or fabric would work better with your style. Or you are wondering whether a sectional or an English rolled arm sofa would be more practical. You don’t need to make all the hard decisions on your own. Our interior design team at MGSD would be happy to help you design the perfect sofa for your unique space. From color and style to dimensions and shape, we’ll guide you through the little details to a comfortable and stylish end result.   

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