The 6 Most Popular Sink Styles for Your Bathroom

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The 6 Most Popular Sink Styles for Your Bathroom

A well-chosen sink is a key amenity for any bathroom, but how do you know which style sink is best suited for your unique bath setup? Whether you’re outfitting a powder room or designing your spa-like master bath, learn more about the 6 most popular sink styles. For each option, we’ll get an interior designer’s perspective on which kind of bathroom it’s best suited for, along with a few important things to keep in mind with each style. 

6 Most Popular Sink Styles

1. Top Mount 

  • Features: Also known as self-rimming sinks or drop-in sinks, top mount sinks sit on top of a countertop. The actual basin of the sink rests beneath the counter, while the rim of the sink rests above the counter. Top mount sinks come in many different styles from streamlined and simple with thin rims to bold or traditional with chunky, elaborate rims.
  • Best For: With their raised rims, top mount sinks do an exceptional job at keeping water inside the sink and preventing splashes. This makes the top mount sink a great option for high-traffic bathrooms, such as the main bath. It is also a good choice for homes with children, as any extra splashing has a higher chance of being contained. Their elegant design looks pleasing in master bathrooms and fits traditional design themes. 
  • Good to Know: Because of their design, top mount sinks are very easy to install. Simply lower the sink into the hole in the countertop and secure the basin. Be sure to measure the space underneath the sink to ensure there is enough room for the basin to drop into. Because the cut edges of the countertop are protected from any splashing water, these sink styles are suitable for a wide array of countertop materials, including wood and stone.    
Modern bathroom with top mount sink; sink design styles; Michael Gainey Signature Designs
Top mount sink

2. Undermount

Features: Instead of having a rim visible above the countertop, undermount sinks are secured to the countertop by attaching the rim underneath. As a result, the countertop edge acts as the rim of the sink, creating a sleek, streamlined appearance. 

Best For: With their clean, simple style, undermount sinks can be used in almost any bathroom. With no rim, any spilled or splashed water can be wiped directly into the sink area. This makes cleaning the sink and countertop a breeze, which is an advantage for households with children. 

Good to Know: These sinks are very easy to clean and maintain. However, because the entire sink is underneath the countertop, these sinks take up more cabinet space and may affect your options for a vanity. The faucet is usually mounted directly through the countertop rather than through the sink. Therefore, it is important to measure how much space is available for the faucet before buying an undermount sink. Because the countertop acts as the rim of the sink, this sink style is best used for solid countertops, such as those made of stone. 

3. Vessel

  • Features: Vessel sinks act as large bowls that sit on top of the countertop, lending a similar appearance to the traditional washbasin. These sinks are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, making them easy to incorporate in almost any interior design style.
  • Best For: Though beautiful, these sinks can be a bit tricky to clean around. This makes them best for infrequently used bathrooms, such as powder rooms. 
  • Good to Know: Their large bowl-like structure allows these sinks to hold a lot of water. However, because the entire structure is on top of the countertop, the vanity height will need to be shorter to ensure comfortable access to the sink. This eliminates some storage space in a cabinet below the sink.
Sleek white bathroom with vessel sinks; sink design styles; Michael Gainey Signature Designs
Veil vessel sink
Credit: Kohler

4. Pedestal 

  • Features: Pedestal sinks are freestanding sinks supported by their own stand or pedestal. The pedestal is often made of the same material as the sink, giving a harmonious, flowing aesthetic. 
  • Best For: Because of their small size, pedestal sinks are perfect for tight spaces and small bathrooms, such as small powder rooms or guest bathrooms.  
  • Good to Know: The small size can be both a positive and a negative feature of pedestal style sinks. Though compact, pedestal sinks do not have any extra counter space or storage under the sink. Therefore it is not the best option for bathrooms with a need for storage. 

5. Integrated Sink and Countertop

  • Features: Integrated sink and countertop units are one single, continuous structure, usually formed out of the same material. These are built to fit a specific cabinet size. 
  • Best For: Because of their molded design, integrated sink and countertop styles are very easy to clean and wipe up from messes. This makes them a great option for heavily used, family bathrooms. 
  • Good to Know: These sink styles are often readily available in stores and are a more cost-effective option. This saves time and money for anyone looking to update their bathroom quickly.  

6. Wall-mounted Sink

  • Features: Wall-mounted sinks take up the least amount of space, as these sinks are attached directly to the wall with no supports or cabinets underneath. Washplane sinks are another form of wall-mounted sinks. These sinks are flat and are not meant to hold standing water.
  • Best For: These space-saving sinks are best for small bathrooms where space is limited and storage is not necessary. You’re most likely to spot them in modern, sleek bathrooms. 
  • Good to Know: Wall-mounted sinks often require plumbing to be run inside the walls to keep a clean appearance, unless the piping is used as a part of the decor (for example, with industrial design styles). Because they do not take up any floor space, wall-mounted sinks often make a room feel larger.  
Wall-mounted sink in small bathroom; sink design styles; Michael Gainey Signature Designs
Wall-mounted sink

Make a Splash with Design Help for Your Bath Project

Traversing through the many sink style options out there can be a bit confusing at first. Knowing each style’s features and functions can help you narrow down the best options for your project. Choosing the right sink style is just one part of a successful bathroom design project. From tile to paint schemes, MGSD can help you design a show-stopping master bath, guest suite, or powder room.

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