The Best and Worst of Interior Design in 2021

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The Best and Worst of Interior Design in 2021

Another year of design moments has passed by, so it’s time to review the looks we love and the tired trends. If you’re looking for inspiration as you get ready to reinvent your home for 2022, take note of the best and worst of interior design in 2021. 

The Best Interior Design Trends in 2021

Biophilic interiors

You might not recognize the term ‘biophilic,’ but you’ve certainly seen this trend in action. Biophilic design aims to increase the connection between human environments and the natural world. 

In a casual context, you might see it expressed with houseplants and natural materials. It also encompasses structural design decisions that increase natural light or provide the feeling of bringing ‘the outdoors in.’ We expect to continue to see nature-inspired interiors as a popular trend and welcome the organic, relaxed feeling it brings to coastal Florida design.

Bright living room with plants and furniture,  interior design trend 2021, MGSD

Keeping it colorful

A key theme of 2021 design trends was the creative use of color. Pastel hues of blush and blue carried over from the popular looks of 2021. However, jewel tones made an impact, too. Emerald green, cobalt blue, and citrine yellow were seen in furnishings, wall coverings, and textiles. Somewhere in the middle, warm earth tones like terra cotta and sage green also contributed to the color scene. 

The color trends of 2021 added personality and punch to homes. Expect to see this look continue into the year ahead. If you’re looking for help on color combinations, a color wheel is a tried-and-true way to build complementary or monochromatic color schemes. 

Curves and soft lines

The clean, streamlined look of modern design kept a tight grip on furnishings and decor for the last several years. However, curves and soft lines made a major comeback during 2021. A desire for comfort and the softer side of life showed up in sofa styles, dining sets, and textile choices. The look can lean to the casual side or you can keep it classy—it all depends on the design choices you make. Regardless of which direction you choose, try out this inviting look for your home.

Living room with curvy furniture, interior design trend 2021, MGSD

The Worst of Interior Design Trends in 2021

The gray age continues

We’ll be the first to admit that gray hues presented a modern alternative to boring beige neutrals. The trend took off, presenting gray as the ‘it’ color of the last decade or so. While we see the merit in this ‘new neutral,’ it’s time to open the world of color possibilities. 

As mentioned earlier, the use of color was a top trend in 2021. With this rise in the use of colorful hues comes an opportunity to add character, style, and individuality to a home. Many colors have been added to the roster of modern, neutral hues for homes, especially serene shades like blue and green.

Modern green interior, interior design trend 2021, MGSD

Fussy boucle

Riding the wave of the curvy furniture trend, boucle fabric made a significant comeback in the lookbooks of 2021. However, this fabric may be better suited to a magazine spread than as the upholstery for your sofa or sitting chair. 

While the looped threads and soft texture are inviting, it can be a challenging textile to live with. The fabric tends to hold onto hair, presenting a challenge for pet-friendly households. In addition, this fabric is most often seen in shades of white and cream, making it a magnet for dirt and stains.  

Industry delays

It goes without saying that one of the worst things to impact interior design in 2021 was supplier delays. Manufacturing and shipping were crippled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and impacted large suppliers and custom craftsmen alike. 

We continue to do our best to communicate realistic expectations to our clients regarding project timelines and we truly appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. 

Dive Into Design in 2022

Are you ready to take on your next interior design project in 2022? Learn how to leverage what’s popular in interior design to keep your home feeling current without becoming trendy and dated. Our design team can help you make the most of the looks you love while avoiding common pitfalls and design dilemmas. 

Give our Melbourne, Florida design studio a call today. Make an appointment in your home or at our showroom to explore the latest looks and create your own vision for interior design in 2022.

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