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Wall Covering Wisdom – Paint or Wallpaper

Refreshing your walls with a new look is a quick way to breathe new life into a room. Whether you’re taking your space from builder grade beige or covering over a bygone color obsession, you have a decision to make: To use paint or wallpaper for your wall make-over.

There are reasons why you might opt for paint over wallpaper, and vice versa. We consider this dilemma with clients on a regular basis and we’re here to share our wall covering wisdom. Consider the following questions to determine if you should paint the room red, figuratively speaking, or go wild with wallpaper.

Question 1: Do you want textured walls?

If you’ve ever longed for a textured wall that adds an extra element of aesthetic appeal, then wallpaper might be your best bet. Wallpaper available today takes texture to whole new heights with leather lookalikes or natural inspirations, like birch and alligator skin.

Of course, you could also have your walls textured and then paint or apply wallpaper over the top – but we recommend wallpaper for a textured look, since it’s easy to change down the road if you want a smooth, clean look again.

Question 2: Do you love to experiment with a new look for your room?

If you prefer to regularly refresh the look and feel of your home, then paint offers you more convenience. Repainting a room is a quicker, simpler task than having wallpaper removed before painting a fresh new color.

Also, paint is less expensive than wallpaper – so if you see yourself changing your interior design scheme on a regular basis, it might make more sense to stick with paint for your walls.

On the flip side, keep in mind that wallpaper – while generally more expensive to purchase and install – can last significantly longer than paint. So if you’re looking to design once and enjoy for years, then don’t be afraid to invest in wallpaper.

Question 3: How much action will my walls see?

Paint and wallpaper differ in durability. Paint can be subject to chipping or scratching, and not all formulas are washable. However, the same can be said for wallpaper – many textured or specialty papers are not washable, either.

For any room you’re considering paint versus wallpaper, consider how often the walls will be touched or bumped and if they’re likely to be stained by spills, grease, or splatters. If so, then a durable, washable paint formula might be the best choice for wall coverings.

However, if the room sees relatively low traffic, then you might not have any durability issues with wallpaper. Also, keep in mind that wallpaper can be lightly vacuumed with a soft brush attachment and some types are washable with a damp cloth or special wallpaper dough.

Wrap Up a New Look with Wall Coverings

Whether you opt for paint or wallpaper for your wall coverings, one thing is certain – dressing up your walls is the fastest way to update the look of your home.

At our Melbourne, FL interior design firm, we find that most clients are eager to update their walls with a new hue when transforming their home. Use the space on your walls to create a feel and flow that is perfect for your home’s interior design.

If you’re leaning one way or the other in the paint versus wallpaper debate or have mixed feelings, we can help you find the right wall application to make your room come alive.

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